Coming Up

FITYA Centre is happy to host its first Table Tennis Competition on Saturday 24th August. You can  register for the online at: 

​or in person at FITYA Centre any day at

7pm.  See flyer below for more details.

Quran classes


Weekly Quran Classes are run at

various levels by fully qualified sisters  in the Rules of Tajweed of the

Holy Quran.

Youth Program


Youths of all age groups and backgrounds meet at Fitya Centre every Friday night to enjoy productive talks, activities and a monthly BBQ.

Women's weekly circle


Every Tuesday sisters come together for circle of learning the necessities of our religion as well as the necessities of life as Muslims in Australia.

About Us

Fitya Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to serve the community in terms of the Family, Individual, Teenage and Youth aspects.  (FITYA).  This is done through special weekly programs that address family, individual and youth issues and provide  solutions wherever possible.  FITYA Centre provides a warm and welcoming hub where all family members, individually or collectively can meet and enjoy a productive and qualify time together.



Arabic Sunday School

Dusturuna Al-Quran is FITYA's Arabic Sunday school.  It aims to maintain the Arabic language as it is spoken widely in Australia.  It runs every Sunday during the normal school terms of the NSW government.