Weekly Prgorams

Women's Weekly Circle

Every Tuesday of the week many women of all walks of life make their way to FITYA Centre for their weekly women's circle.  Seminars are offered on different topics that may be on spirituality and serenity or on worldly issues like women's physical and mental health and others.  Speicials guests are invited to deliver talks on various current social and health topics to bring awareness to women on issues like breast cancer, safety in the community, Centrelink  needs and many others.  

For the fun part of it,  excursions to various places are organised by sisters at FITYA Centre.  Women enjoy outdoor activities with lunch and lots of fun.   The circle is run every Tuesday from 10:30am-12:30pm.  Just make your way  there and be received by war welcoming sisters of FITYA Centre.  

Quran Tajweed 


Regular Quran Tajweed classes are run every week by Qualified sisters at FITYA Centre.  You have a choice of a formal Tajweed class where you progress higher in the different levels of Tjaweed, or an informal class with a sister that will monitor your recitation and correct you where needed.  The formal class runs on a term basis and a small fee while the informal class is for free.

Sunday School

Dusturuna Al-Quran is FITYA's Sunday school.  The school aims at promoting the Arabic lanaguage as it is a vital community langauge and spoken widely in Austrlaia. This is achieved through the development of an Arabic curriculum.  Classes start from level 0 to level 3.   The school has been operating for many years and has produced tremendous results.  See information below and secure a spot for your child for learning in a most motivating and happy environment.

Youth Program

Every Friday night a special program is run for Male youth of different age groups and backgrounds.  The Program aims at embracing the youth in a friendly and yet productive and spiritual environment. 

Boys get to increase their knowledge of the necessities of Islam that may be on Quran Tafseer, Fiqh, Seerah or Morals and Manners in Islam.  The boys later engage in fun activities through centre's recreational facilities and, once a month, enjoy a meal together over a Barbeque organised by the Centre.